There are tons of SARMs reviews out there, but most don’t cover everything you need to know in detail, and from an honest point of view. This review of SARMs aims to be different, by being upfront, comprehensive, and telling you about the problems as well as the benefits.

You’ll learn exactly what SARMs are, why they are better than anabolic steroids and prohormones, how to take SARMs, how to dose them, how to stack them, and the side-effects to watch out for.

Plus, you’ll learn exactly where to buy SARMs. I spent three years learning how to use them, and I have only found three places where there are 100% genuine SARMs for sale now, and I’ll tell you what those online stores are.

If you’re serious about improving your physique and mind, and you are sensible about using SARMs, then the sky is the limit, and with the tips and tricks I’m going to tell you in this quick guide, you’ll be equipped to make great decisions right now.

What Are SARMs?

SARMs stands for Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. They are a group of artificial drugs created between the 1970s and the 1990s that were designed to help with muscle wasting and fat retention problems.

As the name suggests, they selectively modulate androgen receptors in the body. Androgen receptors deal with a lot of things, but SARMs were designed to target those receptors that dealt with messages relating to fat and muscle.

By changing the messages that are naturally given to these receptors, they can be encouraged to build more muscle and cuts more fat than could naturally occur. Anabolic steroids also do this, but they literally hammer all androgen receptors, which is why the results are so extreme and come with so many severe side effects.

The receptors are basically chemical messengers. The messages that get carried around the body relate to many things and help us to work at our best efficiency. We produce these androgens that help with the chemical messengers. Testosterone is the best-known androgen, and giving messages can increase testosterone production, which will increase the masculine traits associated with it.

So at the heart of their development, SARMs were designed to target fat loss and muscle retention. However, because they never got beyond the trial stages, they are only research chemicals, and there is no proper information out there relating to how they work in the body of a healthy person.

SARMs Vs Steroids

Look, I’m not going to lie to you, anabolic steroids are more effective than SARMs. But the problem is that all the horror stories you’ve heard about steroids are true. They will shrink your balls, they will make you aggressive, they can give you cancer, organ problems, basically, they can kill you.

You don’t have that concern with SARMs. They still do a very good job at bulking you up and cutting fat, but they do it in a much more targeted and safe manner. Yes, there are some side effects with SARMs I’ll talk about in a little while, but it’s really comparing apples to oranges when you are comparing steroids to SARMs. My advice is to just steer clear of anabolic steroids and experiment with safer SARMs instead.steroids vs SARMs

Difference Between SARMs And Prohormones

The main difference between SARMs and prohormones is that you can actually buy SARMs. prohormones have been mostly banned and are very difficult to get hold of. The ones you can get hold of are weak, and not really any stronger than SARMs.

On top of that, prohormones carry a wider range of side-effects than SARMs.

So I really don’t see why anyone would want to choose prohormones over SARMs, because from a safety point of view, availability point of view, and legal point of view, SARMs are definitely superior.

Plus, in terms of results, SARMs are pretty much the same as prohormones, and if you stack them, they can be even more effective, and still almost side-effect free.

Are SARMs Legal?

A lot of people get confused around the question of whether SARMs are legal, or not.

The truth is that they are not legally licensed for human consumption. That means they are not scheduled by the FDA in the USA, nor are they licensed for use on humans in any other country in the world.

However, because they aren’t licensed, and they aren’t on any general banned substances list nationally, so they are not illegal to buy or sell. But they are if you market them for human consumption.

But the thing is, the bottom line here is you won’t get arrested for buying SARMs. If you have to import them, they could be stopped at the border though, and you could lose your shipment. So that’s something to be aware of if you are buying SARMs from another country.

Are SARMs Legal

SARMs  Supplements: Capsules, Powder Or Liquid?

When it comes to taking SARMs, you have three choices, capsules, which contain powder, loose powder, or SARMs suspended in a liquid.

In terms of dosing, you need it to be as precise as possible because a lot of SARMs doses are very small, a few milliliters, and small amounts of powder.

In terms of dosing convenience, capsules are the best. Because you know exactly what dose you’re getting, and they are easy to take anywhere. The downside is that SARMs capsules are the most expensive form to buy them in.

If you don’t want to pay for the ultimate in convenience, then the liquid is a good second choice, because it’s more convenient than loose powder, easy to consume, and pretty easy to dose as well.

Loose SARMs powder is the cheapest way of buying SARMs, but you have the problem of needing to weigh each dose and finding a way to consume it effectively. So unless you are short of money, I would not recommend loose powder over capsules or liquid.

SARMs supplements

SARMs Dosage

Before we talk about specific SARMs dosage, let’s talk about how to take SARMs.

There really is no big secret, they are really easy to take. Your only decision is when you take them: once per day, or twice per day. Because the half-life of some types of SARMs is quite short, you may need to dose twice during the day, but that’s actually very rare, and most people tend to just dose once per day, in the morning.

Whether it’s capsules, powder, or liquid, you simply take the required amount, maybe with a bit of water or other liquid, and you’re good to go.

So now let’s talk about how you decide what SARMs dosage you will need to achieve your goals.

Unfortunately, it’s not very easy to recommend the exact doses of SARMs to take. The reason is that there are no accepted dosage guidelines. Because they are research chemicals that never got beyond basic testing, especially on fit people, it’s not clear what a maximum dose actually is.

On top of that, there’s been no study conducted anywhere for any type of SARM to find out what effects doses have on normal people, especially people using it for bodybuilding and fat cutting.

But there is a lot of anecdotal evidence to take into account here. Lots of bodybuilders keep diaries, and lots of these have been published online, some showing over 10 years use of SARMs, and the effects.

So it’s become pretty clear what the dosage range should be for most SARMs. But the more bad news is that it varies a lot between the different types of SARMs. However, most of them fall within the range of 10 mg through to about 30 mg.

One exception to this general ballpark dose is Testolone (RAD-140). The dosage range for this SARM is far smaller, with an average dose being between 4 mg and 12 mg. So you don’t want to dose too high on this one, especially as it can really affect testosterone levels, especially at higher doses.

For me, I’d be looking at starting my experiments with SARMs at around 10 mg. I’d look at the ceiling as 30 mg, and work up from that base dose in 5 mL increments through each cycle.

I’d especially recommend you keep the doses low if you are stacking SARMs, which I’ll talk a bit more about in a little while.

SARMs dosage

SARMs Reviews: The Most Popular Ones

It’s actually not possible to tell you what the best SARMs for sale are, and any SARMs reviews that try to tell you that one is better than the other is trying to sell you something specific.

You will need to look at the qualities of each SARM and marry them to your goals. So if you want to cut fat, then there are a couple of good options I will talk about here. If you want to build bulk, then there are also good options. And if you want to cut while protecting your muscle, or even increasing it, then you can stack to achieve that as well.

Ostarine MK-2866 – The Mildest SARM

Ostarine is the most well-known of all the SARMs available, and the most widely used. There are several reasons for this, including the fact it’s the oldest and most trusted, and it’s very mild, so it’s ideal for beginners.

It’s also quite cheap and is a recommended starting point for anyone wanting to experiment with the benefits SARMs.

Its great strength is that it can help to preserve your strength, meaning it helps to preserve muscle mass. This can be achieved even when you are in a calorie deficit because it protects the muscle, which is exactly what it was designed to do.

So Ostarine is great for fat cutting, on its own, or for bulking and cutting at the same time, if you stack it.

Ostarine can impact on T levels though. So be warned, that you could suffer from suppression, and you will need a PCT supplement between cycles. This is especially the case if you choose a longer cycle and a higher dose.

In terms of dosing Ostarine, a good starting dose is 10 mg, with a lot of people maxing at 30 mg. If you are stacking it, I would recommend you stick to around 10 mg or 20 mg as a maximum.

Testolone RAD-140 – Best Sarm For Bulking

Because it’s one of the newer SARMs, it’s got far less anecdotal evidence for dosing and side effects than other older SARMs.

But what we do know, is that Testolone will inhibit testosterone levels significantly, especially at higher doses, and over a longer cycle. So you will really need to use a good PCT supplement with this SARM.

In terms of dosing Testolone, you need to keep it low, because it’s concentrated. A good starting dose is as low as 4 mg, with people not recommending a dose higher than 12 mg. It would be sensible stick within that range, particularly trying to keep to the lower end of that dosing scale.

It has a short half-life, which is why some people dose twice daily with this SARM. I personally don’t, but there’s no harm in dosing twice daily if you want to.

Its strength is in building lean muscle fast. So it’s great for bulking up, and you’ll feel far more powerful, and in control very quickly when you are using this SARM.

SARMs reviews

Lingradol LDD-4033- Best SARM To Build Lean Muscle

This SARM is very much like Ostarine, although more modern in the formulation. It has a similar way of working, and targets the same androgen receptors, making it great for building lean muscle mass. It increases your strength and decreases your body fat.

It’s also up to 12 times more powerful than Ostarine, so doses are usually kept much lower. Around 10 mg is a good dose to take, and I wouldn’t really advise you go much higher, especially not for any length of time.

It’s also very suppressive, meaning testosterone levels could take a significant hit. Some people estimate you can lose 40% of your testosterone during one cycle of Lingradol, so you’re going to need a good PCT supplement.

In fact, I would suggest if you’re going to use this SARM that you use a SERM (Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator) supplement with it.

Nutrobal MK-677

Nutrobal is also known by the name Ibutamoren. It’s the mechanism of action is slightly different to most other SARMs, in that it is a selective agonist of the secretagogue receptor. This is the growth hormone receptor in the body, and its interaction raises IGF-1 levels in the body considerably.

Nutrobal also mimics a hormone in the body that regulates our appetite and helps with the distribution of energy. So it’s good for helping increase appetite, and also for distributing energy more efficiently, giving you a significant workout boost.

It can increase muscle, and bone density, making it very good for bulking up and gaining strength. To achieve this, a dose of between 10 mg and 25 mg per day is recommended, but again, because it’s quite powerful, I would stick to the lower end of the scale.

One word of warning though. Because it stimulates the hormone which regulates our appetite, you will feel hungry more often. If you are not working out, then you could put on weight because you have an out-of-control appetite. So you need to be working out thoroughly and regularly if you are using this SARM.

Sarms capsules

Cardarine GW-501516 Best SARM For Fat Loss

Cardarine is bizarrely not actually a SARM at all. It has different construction, and the way it targets within the body is different as well. It is a PPAR-delta modulator. It works by stimulating protein receptors that relate to glucose use in the body. That also impacts on how we create muscle tissue.

So you will feel an increase in energy levels, meaning you can do more reps, and push yourself harder. This makes for faster development and better muscle resilience. Cardarine is also great for fat burning.

Because it’s not a SARM and has no hormonal impact, you won’t need a PCT treatment, and it doesn’t affect testosterone levels.

Talking specifically about dosing Cardarine, you should keep to a low dosage because this is very strong stuff. I’d recommend a starting dose of 7 mg, and to never take more than 20 mg. In fact, I would probably recommend you stick at around 10-15 mg per day.

Andarine S-4

If you want to build lean muscle mass rapidly, then this is definitely a SARM you should be considering using, especially if you’re thinking of stacking them.

It’s a modern SARM, and you only need a little of it. I’m talking about 10 mg, and never more than 25 mg. It’s not great for cutting fat, but you will bulk up massively after a couple of cycles on this.

I want to just talk about why S-4 has a bad reputation amongst bodybuilders. It’s because a few years back people were claiming that it affected their vision. But when people started looking at the training logs of those people, it became obvious that they were taking high doses, as much as 50 mg per day.

Sticking at 25 mg or below avoids this side-effect of vision problems, which is another reason why I am recommending you steer well clear of that level.

Because of its strength and how it targets muscle growth, you will need a PCT supplement between cycles, because Andarine can definitely lower testosterone levels.

Best SARMs Stacks For Bulking, Cutting, Strength And Triple Stack

If you’re thinking about using SARMs then one of the most awesome ways of using them is to develop the best SARMs stack for your own personal goals.

As the name suggests, a stack is taking more than one SARM at the same time, to enhance the benefits, and to target either bulking, cutting, or a combination of both, at the same time.

Stacks can be used specifically for bulking up, cutting, healing, and during recomping. Once you develop the individual best SARMs stack for your needs, you can rapidly develop your body the way you want. But you will have to think about duration, dosage and the combinations you use.

It’s a big topic, and a personal one, so we can’t go into huge detail here. But what is key is the duration of each cycle when you stack, because you are taking higher doses, and so the cycle length is important.

A lot of people do a single SARM for a cycle of up to 12 weeks, but I’m recommending that you do six weeks on, followed by six weeks off, with appropriate PCT supplements if you are stacking.

best sarms stack

The best SARMs stack for bulking, especially for beginners, is a simple combination of two of the most popular SARMs out there. This simple stack is brilliant for building bulk quickly, and it will be beautifully lean, sculpted bulk that alongside the cutting will leave you highly defined and ripped. If it’s the first time you’re doing a stack for bulking then make sure you are conservative with the dose. You could add another 10 mg to the doses outlined here after your first stack:

  • LGD-4033 10 mg
  • MK-677 10-15 mg
  • 8 week cycle
  • 8 week break between cycles
  • PCT supplement will be needed

So after your initial cycle, you could up the dose, and also extend the length of the cycle to 10 weeks. Keep the break of eight weeks, but make sure you use a good PCT supplement and extend the break for longer if you still haven’t shown signs of full testosterone recovery.

If you’re looking for an even stronger bulking SARMs stack, then the following is something I’ve used several times to pack on amazing bulk, but it will only work if you’re really pushing your limits in the gym:

  • RAD-140
  • LGD-4033
  • YK-11
  • 15 mg of each
  • 8 week cycle
  • 8 week break between cycles
  • PCT supplement essential

If after your first advanced bulking cycle using the formula above you feel fine, and don’t suffer too much with testosterone drop, then you could increase the dose from 15 mg to 20 mg of each without too many problems. You can also swap out the YK-11 for S23 Stenabolic for an even more powerful stack, but keep the dose to around 10 mg.

Best SARMs Stack For Cutting

If you’re looking to strip fat, then the best cutting stack I’ve found is Ostarine and Cardarine. Both of these are great for cutting fat, while also maintaining muscle, so it’s perfect to use, especially at the start of your journey.

This basic SARMs stack for cutting is brilliant because Ostarine MK-2866 is a mild, but highly effective fat burner, while Cardarine GW-501516 increases energy and recovery times, plus it positively affects muscle and bone density.

Together, they create the stack that cuts fat, build stamina and improve recovery times, plus it will 100% preserve lean muscle mass:

  • MK-2866 20 mg
  • GW-501516 20 mg
  • 10 week cycle
  • 8 week break between cycles
  • PCT supplement probably not needed

As stated above, you may not need a PCT supplement with this basic fact cutting stack. But be careful, because it is possible. If you start to feel your testosterone levels dropping after about week eight, stop then, and still have the eight-week break before your next cycle.

A more advanced fat cutting stack, that will really strip fat even if you are not in a calorie deficit for most of the cycle, consists of the following:

  • GW-501516 20 mg
  • MK-2866 20 mg
  • S4 20 mg
  • 6-8 week cycle
  • At least a 6 week break between cycles
  • PCT supplement will be needed due to total SARMs dose

Best SARMs Stack For Strength

If you want to get strong, so you can push yourself faster, then you’re looking at SARMs that can build muscle and increase energy levels. For me, a good strength stack has always been LGD-433 and YK-11, stack as follows:

  • LGD-4033
  • YK-11
  • 15 mg of each
  • 6 week cycle
  • 6 week cycle break
  • PCT supplement definitely needed

Once you’ve done a couple of cycles of that beginner SARMs Stack for strength, it’s time to move on to the more advanced stack. This will definitely require a PCT supplement, and you’ve really got to pump hard for the whole cycle to get the most out of it, but the gains in muscle and strength will be incredible:

  • LGD-4033 20 mg
  • GW-501516 20 mg
  • RAD-140 10 mg
  • 8 week cycle
  • 6-8 week break
  • PCT supplement must be used afterward

What you get with the above SARMs stack for strength is the endurance and recovery boost of GW-501516, mixed with the muscle building and performance building properties of LGD-4033, and the pure muscle-building power of Testolone RAD-140.

Ideal SARMs Stack For Recomping

Recomping is a brilliant thing to do right at the start of your SARMs journey, and it can also be done periodically to balance your body out. There can be times when muscle or fat get out of proportion, and you need to re-balance, this is done by using a recomping SARMs stack.

The best SARMs stack for recomping I’ve ever found is this very simple but effective formula:

  • MK-2866 20 mg
  • GW-501516 20 mg
  • LGD-4033 10 mg
  • 8-10 week cycle
  • 8 week gap between cycles
  • PCT supplement could be needed

what you’ll find with this stack is that the MK-2866 Ostarine trips the fat brilliantly. Then GW-501516 boost your energy and recovery levels, toning and stripping fat through the increase in energy levels, while the low dose of LGD-4033 not only maintains but builds lean muscle as well.

You could increase the dose of LGD-4033 to 20 mg, which is fine if you want to put on a little more muscle, but you will probably then need a PCT supplement, something like Nolvadex.

SARMs Stack That Can Help With Recovery

 A SARMs recovery Stack is also known as a healing stack, and it consists of SARMs that can cut fat, maintain muscle, but also have the ability to strengthen bone and muscle tissue.

That is part of the original purpose of some SARMs, which is why stacking them together to create the above effects can be really beneficial, especially if you have been pushing things hard. For me, a classic SARMs recovery stack is:

  • MK-2866
  • MK-677
  • SR-9009
  • Dose 10-15 mg of each
  • 6-8 week cycle
  • 6-8 week recovery between cycles
  • PCT supplement might be needed at higher doses

what you’ll get with the above recovery stack is MK-2866 stripping fat and protecting muscle, MK-677 helping to maintain and even build muscle, while SR-9009 helps to lower muscle inflammation, improve endurance, strength, and bone, and lower your recovery times.

Best All-Round SARMs Stack For Women

SARMs are even easier for females to use than for men to use because there aren’t problems with testosterone and estrogen The actual problem women have with SARMs is that they can bulk up too much, they can become muscular, which is not what most women want to achieve.

So the best SARMs stack for women will be one that cuts fat, and keeps muscle tone, while slightly enhancing it as well.

To achieve that firm, smooth look, toned, defined, and fat-free, the following SARMs stack is ideal:

  • MK-2866
  • LGD-4033
  • SR-9009
  • 10 mg of each
  • 8-10 week cycle
  • 6-8 week break
  • no PCT supplement needed

What makes the above into the best SARMs stack for women is firstly MK-2866 Ostarine, which is a brilliant fat cutter and muscle maintainer. Secondly, it’s LGD-4033 which maintains, and slightly enhances muscle tone at lower levels, while still helping to strip fat.

Thirdly, its the intelligent use of a low dose of SR-9009. This SARM cannot only help to strip fat, but its key credential is that it can increase energy levels and recovery times.

So this stack for females cuts fat, maintains and even slightly builds muscle, and also increases endurance and recovery times. So you can benefit from SARMs as a female, without the worry of packing on huge amounts of muscle.


best sarms for strength

SARMs Results:  Before & After

SARMs reviews will always tell you that they work brilliantly, and that’s the experience I’ve had, as well as the people around me. They say a picture says a thousand words, and before and after photos definitely do the work justice.

To bulk up and strip fat you have to be ruthless though. You have to have a great diet and be in the gym at least three times a week, over several cycles.

But by the end of the first few cycles, the rewards will be huge, you’ll notice the difference after your first cycle, and by the end of your first year, you will have transformed as long as you do the hard work.

SARMs Side Effects

So look, SARMs are awesome, as long as you use them responsibly, and stick to the minimum possible dose is to get the results you want.

I will talk about the few side-effects, but mainly there are actually very few when using SARMs responsibly.

The problem is that side-effects are not well documented because human research is poor. The studies have been done on elderly people mostly, which obviously limits the length of time over which you can look out for side-effects developing.

Losing testosterone is obviously the biggest side-effect most people will experience. Some SARMs, especially stacks at higher doses, can drop your T levels by as much as 50%, especially over a couple of cycles. So make sure you use the minimum dose, know the risk of lowering testosterone levels in each SARM, and always use a good PCT supplement.

You will read horror stories about SARMs causing cancer. However, that has all derived from initial studies that were published years ago using mice and rats.

Those studies were using very high doses, over a long time, in the main study cited, two years at the equivalent of 100 mg per day in mice. Now that is obviously extreme, way above what most people would ever go near.

So I wouldn’t worry about short-term responsible use of SARMs causing cancer. And as we know, there is no evidence that they cause other problems in the body.

 Where To Buy The Highest Quality SARMs

One of the big battles with SARMs I found, is actually finding high-quality SARMs that work. It took me a couple of years to find good places to buy them, and the journey on learning where to buy SARMs can be as hard as actually doing gym work.

But, to save you some of that hard work, I’m going to tell you where you can find SARMs for sale that is 100% pure, genuine, and available at a great price, and with guarantees. F

  1. Umbrella Labs

Great online seller of high-quality SARMs. These people have never let me down, and the quality of the products they sell is astonishingly good. If you’re wondering where to buy SARMs, then these should be one of the first places you look. Product densities are good, usually around 20 mg/mL, which is very good value, and perfect for dosing. You’ll get reliable shipping, good customer service, and fantastic results.

  1. Swiss Chems

A relatively new company for me, I discovered not so long back. However, I’ve done two orders, and both arrived fast. The quality is great, and the results have been just as good as from other suppliers. I would definitely recommend them as one of the places can find pure SARMs for sale. They also offer SARMs capsules, which as I’ve already said, offer the ultimate in convenience and exact dosing.

3.Proven Peptides

A company I have used for a couple of years with no problems at all. They are always one of the places I recommend when it comes to telling people where to buy SARMs because the quality is good. You’ll also get a moneyback guarantee, rapid shipping, and even free shipping on orders over $100.


Do SARMs actually work?

SARMs definitely does work, and many people pack on several pounds of lean muscle in a short space of time. The anecdotal evidence is overwhelming, and not all of those before and after photos can be false. However, that’s not the whole story, and although they do work, the degree to which they will work depends on a significant range of variables.

How much you work out, your body type, your age, your fitness, your health, what you eat, how much you rest, all of these things feed into the success of taking SARMs. You then have to add to that the type of SARMs you are taking, cycle length if you are stacking them, and the dose of each you are taking as well. But yes they do work, but only personal experimentation will allow you to find out how much they will work for you.

How to take liquid SARMs?

It’s really easy to take liquid SARMs, all you have to do put the required number of drops under your tongue and swallow. By putting them under your tongue, you also allow them to be absorbed more easily. You shouldn’t mix them with liquid, because the doses are so small with some SARMs, that some of the doses can be left behind.

The only problem with taking liquid SARMs is knowing the right amount of drops to use. You will need to understand what the concentration of SARMs in each milliliter of liquid is, to be able to define the number of drops you will need to place under your tongue.

What are the best SARMs to stack?

All SARMs can be stacked, and there is no best combination to get an enhanced result. It will depend on the goals you are setting, basically, whether you want to build lean muscle (bulking), develop muscle but cut fat (recomping), or to trim fat while maintaining muscle (cutting).

The best SARMs stack will depend on your goal. For cutting, a stack of Ostarine and Cardarine will work wonders. Ostarine is brilliant for stripping fat and maintaining muscle, while Cardarine will strip fat, but also dramatically improve strength and endurance, allowing you to work out harder, and longer.

Can you use SARMs during PCT?

Generally, you should not use SARMs between cycles, when you are using a PCT supplement. That would defeat the purpose of using one, as the SARMs could still be lowering the testosterone levels, offsetting the PCT supplement, and making it less effective.

But that isn’t the whole story, because SR9009 and MK 677, although both classed as SARMs, are not actually androgenic in nature, they do not work through modulating the androgen receptors, which means they will not affect testosterone levels and can be used between cycles when you are using a PCT supplement.

What SARMs are best for bulking?

If you’re looking for a dramatic increase in bulk, to put on lots of lean muscle in a short space of time, then there are three SARMs which will definitely be top of the list for you to consider, especially if you stack 2 or 3 of them together.

Those SARMs are RAD 140 Testolone, YK 11 and LGD 4033 Ligandrol. If you’re going to stack to together, then the classic bulking stack is RAD 140 and LGD 4033.

Do bodybuilders use SARMs?

Yes, bodybuilders use SARMs. Anyone who wants to pack on bulk, and strip fat, and wants to do it at a faster rate, and with more enhanced results than can be achieved naturally, could use SARMs to enhance their physique.

Many hardcore bodybuilders use SARMs as a precursor to a cycle of anabolic steroids. It helps to start building the muscle without the stress of using steroids and means that there are fewer side effects when the steroids cycle starts, helping to still build more bulk, but minimizing the risks of steroids, which are still significant.