The best synthetic urine can definitely get you through a drug test, I know because I’ve done it several times myself.  However, all synthetic urine reviews tell you that it’s the brand you should use.

But that’s not always the case, the truth is that most synthetic urine brands are absolutely awful. So how do you spot a good quality fake urine for drug test success?

Well in this quick guide, I’m going to tell you what the synthetic urine must contain to be the best synthetic urine, and give you three detailed synthetic urine reviews of the top brands out there, so you can make a better decision on how to use fake pee to pass a drug test.

What Synthetic Urine Must Contain

If you’re going to stand a chance of passing a drug test using synthetic pee, then you need to make sure you’ve got a brand that has all these basics in place:

  • Looks, smells, and froths like the real thing
  • Contains creatine, urea and uric acid
  • Balanced for pH and specific gravity
  • Contains several other natural chemicals found in real urine
  • Doesn’t contain biocide

Now that will sound obvious, but most synthetic urine brands struggle to achieve all of those points. The trouble is that a lot of them are sold as novelty products, or fetish products, and the formulas are often outdated.

You’ll also get quite a lot of poor quality brands, which should be avoided. Things like Magnum, U Pass, and Xstream. They will often have crazily positive reviews online, or if you look on neutral sites like Amazon and eBay, lots of really bad feedback as well. There really are only a few brands you should ever touch.

How To use Fake Pee For A Drug Test

 If you want to pass a drug test using synthetic urine, it’s not just about getting the best synthetic urine for the job, it’s also about how to use synthetic urine correctly.

The steps to using synthetic urine properly are pretty straightforward, but you’d be amazed at how many people mess up.

Firstly, you have to get the sample to the correct temperature. Human urine is usually a temperature of around 96°F, up to a maximum of about 100°F. Anything outside that narrow range will arouse suspicion, and usually get your sample rejected.

Because legally any sample of 90°F or above has to be accepted, you have a 10° margin of error. That’s not a lot. So it’s not just about getting the temperature correct, it’s about keeping the temperature correct.

That’s where the heatpad or heat activator powder comes in. Heatpads are the easiest to use, but they are also the most likely to fail. Heat activator powder will wear off quite quickly, in an hour or so, but it can also warm the temperature of the sample up rapidly, in as little as a minute.

fake urine kit

Does Fake Urine For Drug Tests Work?

Fake urine for drug test success is definitely possible, but you have to know exactly how to use synthetic urine and get your hands on the right brand.

You also have to make sure it’s submitted at the right temperature, and you don’t get caught with the fake sample on you. In fact, those two reasons are responsible for far more failures than the quality of fake urine.

It’s all about making sure you practice and making sure you are efficient on the day. It’s about making sure the temperature is correct, and that you have confidence that the brand you’re using is not going to let you down.

Three Best Synthetic Urine Brands

If you’re looking to pass a drug test then you need the best synthetic urine possible, and these are the three best brands I’ve found. I’m going to do quick synthetic urine reviews on all three so that you can see exactly why they fit the criteria I have outlined in this guide.

  1. Sub solution

This is the number one bestselling synthetic urine in the world for a very good reason. It’s got the most complex formula, and it looks, smells, and froths like the real thing as well, it passes what’s known as the “sniff” test.

Sub Solution also works with heat activator powder and is supplied with it. You don’t get a heatpad, so you can’t get a heatpad failure.

The heat activator powder works by agitating liquid and heating it up as it does so. It only takes a couple of moments, which means you don’t even need a microwave to get the sample at the right temperature. And because you can check it any time, you can reheat the sample quickly, so you simply cannot fail.

Sub Solution now has an even more advanced sister product called Quick Luck. That’s even more expensive, at $100 rather than $80. However, it’s a more advanced modern formula, plus you get heatpads, and heat activator powder, the best of both worlds.

In addition, Clear Choice does a practice kit. It contains everything that Quick Luck does, but it doesn’t contain urine. You can practice heating water for a much lower price, so you don’t get caught out on the day. There is a combination deal to buy Sub Solution or Quick Luck with the practice kit on the Clear Choice website.

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  1. Quick Fix Synthetic Urine

Half the price of Sub Solution, but not only half as good as it. Quick Fix is a brilliant budget brand for passing a urine drug test. It’s not the best fake urine for a drug test, but it’s adequate for your basic pre-employment five panel test.

Because of its budget price is great for students going for part-time jobs, and other low-level drug testing activity. If you have the money to spend, I would always recommend Sub Solution over it though.

Quick Fix uses a heating pad, which means there’s more chance of failure as well. Overall, for around $45, you get quite a complex formula, that looks pretty much like the real thing, and that has a frequently updated formula, plus it doesn’t contain biocide.

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  1. TestClear Urine Kit

Because so many people know about Sub Solution and Quick Fix, it’s not very well known that Test Clear does a fake urine kit as well. Test Clear make Toxin Rid detox pills, the best detox pills on the market, and their fake urine is just as good.

It’s powdered, and you have to mix it up, but it’s very reliable. It’s got a complex formula, looks and smells like the real thing, and you get a very good quality air-activated heatpad.

Four $169 you can get the ultimate Urinator kit. It’s three lots of the Test Clear synthetic urine with a digitally controlled electronic heating element, giving you a pretty much complete guarantee that you going to have a sample that is within the right temperature range.