It’s really easy to use detox drinks for a drug test. It’s honestly just a case of drinking them, urinating a few times and then submitting a sample.

But you have to use the right detox drink, set yourself up for the best chance of it working, and know how long you’ve got before the effects wear off. That’s where people get into difficulties, and I’m going to help you avoid all those problems right now.

Also, because detox drinks don’t truly detox you, it’s a myth I’m going to burst in this article, to help you further. I’m going to tell you exactly what a detox drink really does, how long it works for, and what your alternatives are.

In addition to all that, I’m going to tell you the top three brands of detox drink on the market today, and whether you should consider using synthetic urine instead of a detox drink.

What Does A Detox Drink Really Achieve?

 To tell you what a detox drink achieves, let’s explain what it can’t achieve.

The whole premise of the term “detox” drink is false. The detox drink doesn’t detoxify your body at all. So when you drink it you are not getting rid of drug toxins permanently.

A lot of detox drinks are also badly marketed, deliberately, to give the impression that they are full body detox kits. Some even go as far as saying that they help to remove toxins from all body systems. This is completely false advertising.

All a detox drink can do is flush out the toxins that are currently in your bladder or further down your urinary tract. They flush those toxins out, while keeping the balance natural, so if you have to take the test at that moment it will appear clean and natural.

But as soon as fresh toxins exit the kidneys and enter your bladder, you would test positive again. So all a detox drink does is give you a small window of a few hours when your urine will be clean of toxins so that you can pass a drug test.

So the answer to the question: do detox drinks work is yes, but only for a few hours, and they certainly do not permanently detox your body.

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How To Spot The Best Drug Detox Drink

 So how do you spot a good quality detox drink? How do you know it’s the best drug detox drink you’ll get with your money?

Well, there are certain traits in the best detox drinks that you can easily spot:

  1. They won’t be cheap, usually $50 or more
  2. Obviously genuine user reviews will be mostly positive
  3. There will be lots of genuine user reviews on neutral sites
  4. You will see the brand and product talked about positively on lots of sites
  5. You won’t need to drink a ton of water alongside the detox drink
  6. The company will usually sell a range of other high-quality detox products

Do Detox Drinks Work?

If you’re worried about the question to do detox drinks work, the answer is that they definitely do. I can guarantee that from my own positive experiences over the past few years.

Let me tell you right at the start here that I made a real mistake with my first urine drug test. I bought a bottle of something called Magnum detox. Those guys do a range of products all very similar. I spent $40 on one of their detox drinks and failed a drug test.

I was gutted because I had done my research, and afterward it became obvious looking at reviews that most of them were possibly fake, and the genuine reviews on grassroots sites were telling everyone that it was a dodgy gamble.

So I learned from my mistake, and I now only use reputable brands I have researched, tested myself at home, and I know have been used reliably in real life by people I know.

But you have to remember that they don’t work for long. You’ll get maybe 2-4 hours clean before the toxins start leaking back into your urine. So you have to plan your journey so that you get to the testing facility within, at most, a couple of hours of drinking it.

Can You Buy Specialist Detox Drinks For THC?

I want to put to bed another myth right here. Some people say you can get detox drinks for THC or “detox drinks for weed “. What they mean is drinks that specifically target THC toxins, or are especially good for getting rid of weed metabolites.

Unfortunately, that is a myth that is used to market products at a higher price. You’ll see detox pills as well that are marketed as THC detox pills.

The truth is that you cannot get specialist THC detox products. Although THC metabolites bind to fat in a way that most other drug metabolites don’t, it doesn’t mean that they all do. So you will still need to eradicate them from your urine flow.

Also, no detox drink, or pill, in the world can specifically target THC metabolites inside your body. A good quality detox drink will help to flush out all types of drug metabolites from your urine only, and the myth of detox drinks for THC is just that.

Alternatives To Detox Drinks For A Drug Test

I’m going to be honest here and say that if I was going for an unobserved drug test I wouldn’t use a detox drink at all. I would use synthetic urine. That’s the lesson I’ve learned.

The reason for that is that a good quality synthetic urine like Sub Solution gives you a far better chance of passing a drug test. This is especially the case if you are not sure how many hours it will be until you submit your sample.

With Sub Solution you can check the temperature just before you go into the lab. If you have drunk the detox drink two hours ago, and then been delayed, or there has been a queue at the lab, then the effects could be wearing off before you submit your sample. Synthetic urine removes that variable from the equation to some degree.

But you do have to smuggle synthetic urine into drug testing lab, something a lot of people find far too scary to even contemplate. In that circumstance, or if the drug test is supervised, then a high-quality drug detox drink is definitely your best option.

However, I would always recommend you do a 24 hour detox at least, if possible, alongside using a detox drink. You don’t have to with the trusted high quality brands I’m going to mention below, but it will really help them to do the hard work, by leaving fewer toxins in your body.

This will also lengthen your window of opportunity when you drink the detox drink, as there will be fewer toxins leaking out into your urine, as you will have eradicated more in 24 hours beforehand using a natural detox. You can also top up a natural detox with detox pills like Toxin Rid (highly recommended) to speed up the elimination process.

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Top 3 Best Detox Drinks You Can Get

So now I’ve talked quite a bit about using detox drinks for drug tests, pros, and cons, and offered some alternatives, let’s look at the best drug detox drink products I’ve ever found.

These are the three that I use myself, and I was recommended to my friends, and people online through Facebook and my website. They’ve never let me down, and their track record is great.

  1. In first detox drink is Rescue Cleanse. It’s made by Test Clear, who also make Sub Solution. If you want belt and braces on passing a drug test, you can buy Rescue Cleanse and Sub Solution at the same time to save on postage, and make sure you have a backup plan if you need to.
  2. The second detox drink for a drug test I want to tell you about is Ultra Eliminex. It’s expensive, about $30 more than my other recommendations, but it is probably the most powerful detox drink you can buy. You don’t need additional water, which makes it perfect for just drinking quickly an hour before your test when urinating.
  3. In third place is Mega Clean. It’s not quite as powerful as my other two recommendations, but if you buy it with the six pre-rid pills and do a 24-hour detox beforehand, it’s equally as powerful, if not more powerful.

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Whichever option you choose, I’d always make sure that you buy a home drug test kit with your detox drink of choice. Then you can check if you are clean before you leave. You should also have a backup plan, I’d recommend buying two detox drinks, or a detox drink and synthetic urine.

But generally, unless you have an incredibly high toxin count your body, there anyone of these three best drug detox drink products will certainly get you through a urine sample drug test, and I’ve used each of them myself to do just that.