If you’re thinking of using detox pills for weed, to get rid of the drug metabolites in your body to pass a drug test, then you’ll need good quality information to make sure you get things right. That’s what this quick and easy guide to using detox pills for drug test is all about.

In it, we’re going to talk about using detox pills get rid of drug toxins, telling everything you need to know. How toxins work in the body, what a natural detox does, how detox pills accelerate the process of detoxification, and things you can do to help speed it all up.

Plus, we will talk about where not to buy detox pills, and also talk about the two best detox pills brands on the market, I’ve used myself both for home testing purposes, and to pass live drug tests.

How Weed Toxins Work In Your Body

 When you smoke weed the THC that gets you high is converted into metabolites. These metabolites race around your bloodstream, and eventually work their way out through your sweat, bowels, and bladder.

Weed metabolites are a bit different to most other drugs because they more readily attach to fat, so more are drawn out of the bowels than usual, because most of the time drug metabolites exit the body through urine.

The problem with weed metabolites is that they can cling to cells in the body more readily than other drug toxins as well. So even if you haven’t smoked a joint for a week, the metabolites could still be clinging on to the cells, ready to spring out into your urine stream just as you take the test.

The only way around this is to do a natural detox, get all those toxins out permanently, and speed it up using a detox pill course if you are short of time.

How To Do A Natural Detox

 Now look, if you haven’t done one, then I’m telling you that doing a natural detox is just quite a lot of hard work. But there’s no way around this.

You have to do a few things are going to be unpalatable:

  1. Stop smoking weed until after your drug test
  2. Eat healthily: lean meats, vegetables, fruits, whole grains
  3. Eat fatty foods in a couple of days leading up to your test
  4. Exercise every day for at least 30 minutes, make yourself sweat
  5. Sleep well, make sure your body has time to eradicate those toxins
  6. Drink plenty of water and avoid caffeine and alcohol

If you’re lucky, you could be clean in a few days. You’ll only do that if you’re a light weed smoker. If you are smoking every day, then it’s going to take a couple of weeks for you to get truly, genuinely clean. That’s a long time if you’ve got a drug test coming up, which is why good quality detox pills can really speed up the process.

How to detox for a drug test

Using Detox Pills For A Drug Test

So what actually happens when you take a course of detox pills for a drug test?

Well, you do your natural detox and go through all that pain. Then you accelerate the process of getting the toxins out of your body by taking the detox pills every day. Depending on the pills you take, usually take them at a rate of several per day, and they will work to help push toxins out of your body.

They do this usually through a combination of high-quality ingredients, usually natural ingredients, herbs, minerals, vitamins, fiber, things like that, which help to push out more toxins than your body can naturally.

I’ve tested three brands over the past couple of years. I’ll talk you through the best two in a little while, but I’ve found that benchmarked against a natural detox I did a couple of years ago, they really sped things up.

The top brand, my number one best detox pills, sped things up by nearly 50%. It took me nearly 3 weeks to get clean as a chronic weed smoker naturally, but with these drug detox pills, I was clean in 12 days.

detox pills for THC

Where NOT to Buy Detox Pills For Weed

Before I tell you the two best brands of detox pills on the market, based on my own experiences and massive amounts of feedback online, I want to warn you about where not to buy detox pills.

The thing is, a detox pill has to be powerful enough to truly get toxins out of your body. But most cheap pills you’ll see for sale as detox pills are actually just an ongoing supplement that can help to speed things up a little bit, as long as you take them every day for weeks and months.

Anything you see in Walmart, Walgreens, on GNC, eBay, Amazon, anywhere general like that, is usually rubbish. They will be cheap, or the prices will be massive for poor quality pills.

If you’re going to use detox pills alongside the pain of going through a natural detox, so that you can walk into a drug test and be 100% confident that you going to pass, then you need to invest a bit of money in the brand you use.

Tips For Passing A Drug Test Using The Best Detox Pills

 Before I conclude this guide to using detox pills for weed detoxification, I want to give you a couple of tips on how to help yourself when you are going through the process of a natural detox alongside the detox pills course:

  1. Buy yourself a handful of cheap home drug test kits. Do one every 2-3 days, and hold one back for the day of your test to make sure that you are definitely clean.
  2. Always invest in a high-quality detox drink as an insurance policy. If you misjudge things, say you’ve got more toxins in your body than you had time to get rid of, or that the pill course can cope with, then you’ll need a detox drink to mask the remaining toxins. But if you have eradicated most of them with the natural detox and detox pills, then most of the hard work will have been done for the detox drink.

In terms of brands of detox drink, I would recommend Mega Clean, Rescue Cleanse, or Ultra Eliminex. They aren’t cheap brands, but they aren’t ridiculously priced for the insurance policy they will give you on the day of your test, should the home drug test kit show a positive result.

If you do things properly, if you give yourself time, by being honest about the size of your weed smoking habit, and understanding that it could take you 2-4 weeks to naturally detox, then you’ll know you need to allow yourself 1-2 weeks using a natural detox plus powerful detox pills.

Detox Pills For A Drug Test: Two Brands That Work

The first brand I’m going to recommend to you is:

2.Rescue 5 Day Detox

If you are a light weed smoker, then these detox pills for drug test success will work in five days. But if you are a heavy smoker, they will probably not be strong enough to do the job at that time.

But for the amount you are paying, around $60, they will certainly accelerate the elimination of toxins out of your body so much, that a detox drink on the day of your test won’t have much hard work to do.

You simply take the three different types of pill at different times of the day, morning, afternoon, and evening. Then on the day of your test, you take the eight ICE capsules which work like a detox drink in pill form. You could be clean, but with this brand, I would make sure you have a detox drink available.

Detox pills for weed

1. Toxin Rid – Best Detox Pill For A Drug Test

Toxin Rid is not cheap. The 10 day course, which you will need if you are a chronic weed smoker, will cost you $190 from the company who makes them, Test Clear. You’ll get 150 pills for that money. You take them every day for the first five hours a day, three at the time, for the duration of the course over the 10 days.

At the end of the course, you then take the detox liquid, along with fruit juice. That helps to flush out any other loose toxins.

And if you time things right, that day, or the next day, on the day of your test, you drink the dietary fiber, which will help to pull out any remaining toxins through the bowel, meaning less will be likely to appear in your urine stream.

I’ve used Toxin Rid successfully last year, and I passed a job drug test with it. I’m a chronic smoker, four joints a day, and in 10 days I was genuinely clean. You can be too if you use the best detox pills, which Toxin Rid certainly are.