When it comes to smart drugs, you’re looking for something that improves your memory, focus, attention, and your mood. And you want that to happen without side effects. So basically, the holy grail. In this Oxiracetam review, I’m going to tell you if the people claiming it’s the ultimate nootropic are right or trying to sell you something.

We will take a detailed look at Oxiracetam effects, dosage, possible side-effects, and how easy it is to create a satisfactory Oxiracetam stack.

Plus, I’ll tell you where to buy Oxiracetam. That may sound a simple thing, but it took me nearly 2 years to find reliable places to buy any type of smart drugs or supporting supplements.

What Is Oxiracetam?

 Oxiracetam is a member of the racetam family. This is a group of synthetic chemicals that were created over several decades, mostly in the 60s and 70s, to combat cognitive decay, especially in the elderly, with conditions like Alzheimer’s and dementia.

The goal was to improve cognitive performance, through improving focus, memory retention and recall, mood enhancement, and verbal communication.

The first racetam was called Piracetam, and it’s still widely used today, both medically, and as a nootropic. Developed in 1964, it was then followed in 1997 by Oxiracetam.

Oxiracetam was found in initial studies in the 70s and 80s, to be several times more powerful, and far more effective, with fewer side effects. This was despite the fact that they do basically the same thing in the brain.

How Oxiracetam works

Now the problem with all of these smart drugs is that although they were developed to combat specific mental disorders, that was never extended to full medical testing, especially in groups of people who don’t need them.

So you’ll find a wealth of information out there about how Oxiracetam was beneficial to rats, or pensioners with dementia, but very little where healthy people have taken it over time while being monitored, to see how cognitive performance improved.

Basically what I’m saying, is nobody knows how these racetams actually work. Not in detail, but generally, yes we do have an idea.

Oxiracetam stimulates the production of a key neurotransmitter in the brain. Specifically acetylcholine. This neurotransmitter is key to memory formation, retention, and recollection.

Oxiracetam also boosts levels of glutamate, which is linked to motivation.

Although not conclusive, some studies have suggested that Oxiracetam helps to improve how neurons within the hippocampus communicate. This is the part of the brain that helps to regulate emotions and memories, balancing them out, lengthening the signals, and keeping them as they should be.

Crucially, as you can see, Oxiracetam does not boost mood. Although the motivational boost can make you feel better, it does not target things that can make you happier, in the same way as smart drugs as modafinil do.

Oxiracetam Effects: How Can It Benefit You?

The people who are using Oxiracetam are students, people in business, people like teachers, leaders, those who need to perform.

It’s not about energy levels, it’s about mental agility. People who need to retain and recall information, people who need mental and verbal fluency, to be themselves, but enhanced.

So because Oxiracetam can sharpen focus, enhance memory, and help you to connect between your brain and your mouth more quickly, it’s perfect for students and business people.

To quantify that, Oxiracetam can give normal people a boost in the following areas:

  • Improvement in verbal communication
  • Speed of memory recall is improved
  • Language connectivity improves
  • Memory retention is far better
  • Alertness and wakefulness is improved
  • You feel more motivated

People say it’s a bit like caffeine, but without the comedown. So it’s not incredibly dramatic, and the effects come on slowly, with many users reporting that they don’t even realize that they have fully kicked in, which is totally different to things like Adrafinil.

So if you’re going to be taking an exam, studying hard through the night or making a huge presentation, then Oxiracetam can really help those sort of situations.

You have to take some of what people say with a pinch of salt, but people on Reddit report smashing their exams after just five hours of crammed studying the day before, citing that the memory recall and energy just burst them through that glass ceiling.

Oxiracetam dosage

Oxiracetam Dosage Instructions & Warnings

Because we don’t know the exact mechanisms by which Oxiracetam works, it’s also very difficult to promote certain dosages in healthy people.

Over the years of clinical studies, which have been mostly around people who are old, and with things like dementia, high doses have been prevalent. I’m talking 800 mg, right the way up to 3000 mg per day.

Now not for a second advocating you take anything like that, especially not in the beginning. Although some people who take it as a nootropic to take it twice a day, and state that the second dose should never be more than half of the first, I would suggest you start with just one daily dose to begin with.

So there is no correct Oxiracetam dosage, it’s more about learning what works for you.

It usually takes half an hour for this smart drug to start to kick in, and because it can be quite subtle, you may not realize it’s actually had any effect until you are right in the middle of it. So always have a smaller dose, and experiment, so you are aware of what works for you.

I would suggest that a low dose of around 3-400 mg at the start of the day, taken on an empty stomach with water, is the way to go initially. Maybe even less than that, if you are wary.

You’re best advised to also use it with a choline source because that will help you to avoid one of the main side effects, a racetam headache.

Because Oxiracetam is water-soluble, it’s just as easy to buy Oxiracetam powder, which is also cheaper. You will need to measure it so that you can use it accurately, which is why I prefer capsules.

How To Stack Oxiracetam

 The simplest way to Stack Oxiracetam-enhanced benefits is to take it with a choline supplement, something like Alpha-GPC, or CDP-Choline. The reason for this is choline sets up the body to be able to produce more of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine.

If you aren’t feeding your body what it needs to produce this neurotransmitter, then when Oxiracetam starts trying to create more, it results in a headache, and you don’t get the full benefits.

Some people also stack Oxiracetam with modafinil or adrafinil. This is because the combination of Oxiracetams memory boosting enhancements, mixed with modafinil improving mood and focus, can really create a powerful combination. But you should be very careful with the dosage.

Some people also stack various racetams, obviously with a choline supplement. This is because each has subtle differences in the effects, due to the different pathways, so it’s perceived that this could help stop the brain to become tolerant of any one type. There is very little evidence for this though, but it is common with nootropics, try to combat the well-known threat of tolerance.

oxiracetam benefits

Oxiracetam Side Effects

Oxiracetam side-effects are mostly mild, with very few people ever reporting significant side-effects from normal use as an occasional smart drug.

In fact, the stated side-effects in common with most smart drugs, are only headaches, nausea, insomnia, dizziness.

Insomnia can be cured by having the smart drug early in the morning. So take your dose of Oxiracetam in the morning, on an empty stomach, so it’s absorbed and working quickly. A good dose will last about eight hours, which means you should be able to sleep peacefully.

We’ve also talked about headaches, and how these can be mostly cured by taking an additional choline supplement at the same time.

One side-effect sometimes reported is anxiety, which can be quite severe at higher doses. But this seems to be prevalent in people who are already anxious, and it can create slightly out-of-control manic behavior. So if you are an anxious person, or you have any other psychological problems, take a very low dose, to see how you react.

Oxiracetam Vs Aniracetam

There’s really not much to choose from in a battle between Aniracetam Vs Oxiracetam. They are very similar in their composition and action.

However, there is a generally accepted subtle difference. Oxiracetam works almost purely on concentration, memory retention, recall, and verbal connection skills.

Although Aniracetam has similar traits, it’s not as strong on those as Oxiracetam. But it is reported by a lot of people to have more of a mood boost. So although it might not be as good for the effects, it could be a better all-rounder.

Another solution would be to stack Oxiracetam with Aniracetam, to try and harness both ranges of benefits together into one.

Where To Buy Oxiracetam

 When it comes to telling you where to buy Oxiracetam, it tends to be the best place to buy any smart drug for me.

In fact, I will tell you two places, so that you have a choice. Because the problem is that a lot of online stores sell rubbish quality stuff, or they don’t sell everything you need. These two online nootropic retailers are more like superstores for the brain.

The first is Purenootropics.net. They sell a wide range of smart drugs and supporting supplements. Prices are reasonable, and the choice is huge. They offer a money back guarantee and free shipping on orders.

In terms of Oxiracetam, they sell it in powder, and capsule form. It’s very potent as well, with 60 capsules, each of 750 mg, retailing for just $32.99.

where to buy oxiracetam

The second place is a true mind superstore, Absorbyourhealth.com. They will sell everything you need, post free, and with a money back guarantee. They also offer combination packs, where you can get all the most popular smart drugs and supplements for a lower price.

For Oxiracetam, they sell capsules. I actually prefer capsules to Oxiracetam powder, because you don’t have to guess or weigh anything. 100 capsules, each of 600 mg, is just $38, again, excellent value.

For both of these, my Oxiracetam review conclusion has to be the first time out, I would be cutting these pills in half. Maybe only the first time, or maybe taking the doses four hours apart, I would really be looking at a single dose of 300 mg the first time, just to see how your body reacts, and I certainly wouldn’t be considering and Oxiracetam stack, until you are well-versed on the effects and benefits.