This Quick Luck synthetic urine review is going to tell you all need to know about this premium brand in just five minutes.

It’s made by the same people who make Sub Solution, but is it as good as Sub Solution, or is it actually even better for not a lot of extra money?

So let’s tell you everything you need to know about Quick Luck synthetic urine, including how to use it, compare it to Sub Solution, and tell you about the great new low price combination deal that will allow you to practice using it without wasting it.

What Is Quick Luck?

Quick Luck is the latest Clear Choice urine product. Clear Choice makes two fake urine products, Sub Solution, and now Quick Luck.

Quick Luck is their updated, premium formula. But does that mean Sub Solution is no longer worth buying? Well, I’ll answer that question later when I compare Quick Luck Vs Sub Solution.

But what you are getting is a premium product. It’s premixed, so you don’t have to do anything other than warm it up.

It also comes with both heat activator powder and heatpads, giving you granular control over the temperature of your premixed sample. The Quick Luck premixed urine kit could be the ultimate answer to passing a drug test using fake pee.

How To Use The Quick Luck Premixed Urine Kit

 So look, the Quick Luck premixed urine kit gives you the ultimate in convenience and safety when using synthetic urine.

The biggest problems with using synthetic urine are:

  • Mixing up the urine Kit
  • Getting the temperature right
  • Keeping the temperature right
  • Submitting it without getting caught

Both Sub Solution and Quick Luck answer all of these questions. Quick Luck answers them even better than Sub Solution.

Quick Luck is premixed urine. Because of the heat activator powder, you don’t even need a heat source to get it warm. So you could keep in your car, in your locker, and be able to prepare a sample with an accurate temperature in about two minutes.

On top of that, Quick Luck gives you two options with heating. You have the heat activator powder, which can get the temperature up in a matter of moments, and you have two air-activated heat pads. So once it’s warm, you can activate a heatpad and attach it to the sample to keep it close to the temperature you need.

When you’re about to submit your sample, when you are unobserved, check the temperature and tap in a little more heat activator powder if needed. So when we talk about instructions for Quick Luck, there aren’t really any to give you. In the heat activator powder, get it within the temperature range, submit it. That’s it.

It’s premixed, you don’t have to worry about microwaves, plus you have two options for keeping it warm. It really is the ultimate premixed urine kit.

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Quick Luck vs Sub Solution

But that doesn’t mean Sub Solution is not worth buying. Sub Solution has a very advanced formula, the most complex on the market today.

Quick Luck is even more complex. So what you have is two premium products, not one which is premium and the other being superseded.

Both contain all the basics that a drug lab would look for. Urea, uric acid, creatine, correct specific gravity, correct pH range, the right look, smell, and frothiness, plus other chemicals found in human urine.

The difference, when you are looking at Quick Luck Vs Sub Solution really comes down to the following:

  • Quick Luck has a more advanced formula
  • Quick Luck is premixed
  • Quick Luck contains heat activator powder and heat pads

Quick Luck is $100. Sub Solution is $80. So the $20 extra by you a slightly more advanced formula, it’s premixed, and you’re getting a couple of good quality heatpads as well.

It’s an advanced solution capable of passing any type of drug test.

Where To Buy Quick Luck Synthetic Urine

Clear Choice urine products are premium, this brief Quick Luck synthetic urine review should hopefully have highlighted that.

As I’ve also said, there’s no real battle between Quick Luck Vs Sub Solution, either is a brilliant option and is almost guaranteed to pass a drug test, even advanced ones.

But Quick Luck just offers that edge because it’s premixed, and also offers the heatpads as well as heat activator powder.

You can buy your Quick Luck premixed urine kit from TestNegative. It will cost you $100, but that’s cheap if you want the ultimate in convenience and safety.

I’ll also mention here that Clear Choice does something called “the practice kit” now. It contains everything that the Quick Luck kit does except for the vial of urine. You get an empty vial with a temperature strip on it though.

You can buy the practice kit and Quick Luck for a big bonus discount price. This will allow you to use the practice kit to prepare samples of water in advance of your test.

You can heat them up, and practice carrying them to see how the temperature fluctuates, and also how discreetly you can submit the sample. It takes away another barrier to using synthetic urine to pass a drug test.