If you’re in the market for a mass-building SARM, then RAD 140 is definitely one you should be considering. But getting your RAD 140 cycle correct is actually crucial, otherwise, you could miss out on some benefits, and risk worse side-effects.

So in this RAD 140 review, I’m going to tell you about the perfect cycle, stacking it, what the exact  RAD 140 half-life is, and the sort of effects you can expect to get from this fantastic supplement.

Plus, as a bonus I’ll tell you exactly where you can get the best quality RAD 140 for sale, alongside other SARMs, that is pure, affordable, and reliable.

What Is RAD 140 Exactly?

 RAD 140 is a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator or SARM. These are a group of artificial chemicals that were created to address the effects of muscle-wasting conditions.

They were never really tested properly in humans, most of the research was done in mice and monkeys. However, some human research was done in elderly people and results were promising. However, because of other drug developments, SARMs would never be taken beyond the research chemical stage.

What happened then was chemists got hold of the formulas and recreated them to sell to the bodybuilding market. The reason they did this is that SARMs are absolutely brilliant at telling your body to pack on lean muscle, and also to strip fat. In fact, they can strip fat while maintaining muscle mass, even if you are in a calorie deficit.

RAD 140 is a muscle-building SARM. Although it has slight ability to strip fat, if you want to pack on lean muscle, then it’s definitely a SARM for that purpose.

RAD 140 cycle

RAD-140 Effects Explained

RAD 140 SARM is also called Testolone, the clue being in that name. It mimics the actions of testosterone in the body. That’s why you will pack on muscle, and why you’ll be able to train harder. RAD 140 can make you more focused and aggressive, you’ll also be able to complete your exercise routines, and your strength will build rapidly.

This combination of positivity, strength building, and rapid muscle development, alongside the ability to minimize fat, make it almost perfect for producing brilliant physical results.

Because it’s tissue-selective, unlike anabolic steroids, due to it being able to selectively target androgen receptors in muscle and fat, you really will experience results quickly, in my case, and every other case I’ve seen, in as little as one cycle. I’ll talk to you more about the ideal RAD 140 cycle in a moment.

RAD 140 Dosage Guide

 You don’t want to dose RAD 140 too high, because it mimics testosterone, and also suppresses it. The more you take, the more suppressed your T levels will be, and the more negative side-effects you’ll get.

Bodybuilding diaries tend to suggest that 10 mg is a good beginners dose. I certainly found this to be the case, and I stick to it, especially when I’m stacking RAD 140.

Above 30 mg, you’re starting to head into side-effects territory. So I would generally keep your RAD 140 dosage in the range of 10-20 mg, perhaps starting at 10 mg then working up 5 mg over the next two cycles. When dosing, you also have to take the RAD140 half-life into consideration. Some people claim it has a half-life of 18 hours. For me, that’s too specific, and you just can’t know that.

So you have to look at the RAD140 half-life being between 12-24 hours. Now that means you could easily just dose once, but some people insist you should dose twice.

If I was just taking 10 mg per day, then I wouldn’t worry about the half-life of RAD140, and I’d take it once, in the morning. If I was taking 20 mg, I’d be more inclined to take it twice per day.

Rad 140 dosage

Testolone RAD 140 Results

Let me tell you one thing, everything you read about RAD 140, and have seen, is true.  RAD 140 results are impressive and can happen in as little as three weeks.

Now look, in three weeks you’re not going to get ripped, but you will feel stronger and look better. Your endurance will rise, your mood will rise, and you’ll be able to complete your routines with power and confidence. This will lead to increased muscle growth, alongside the muscle growth RAD 140 induces through how it modulates the androgen receptors in muscle tissue.

Plus, it does have a stripping effect, meaning RAD 140 can be good for comping as well, although I would use it with another SARM if you really want to strip fat.

In one RAD 140 cycle, I packed on significant lean muscle. I did take it steadily because I didn’t want muscle growth to outstrip my ligaments and bones coping with it, so I took it quite steady, but the results were still extreme.

Testolone Side Effects

Because it can mimic the effects of testosterone, RAD140 can produce side effects related to testosterone levels, namely, headaches, nausea, and mood changes. But this is an anabolic steroid aggression, it’s far more controlled and focused.

More seriously, you can get problems with muscle and bone damage. But that’s only if you take so much that muscle gains far outstrip the ability of your bone and ligament structure to cope with it. Take things slow and steady, especially the first few cycles.

The third side effect is the one that I’ve already talked about: RAD 140 results can lower testosterone. Higher doses and longer cycles will increase this effect. Always use a PCT supplement between cycles of RAD 140.

RAD 140 Cycle Advice

RAD 140 cycle advice is actually really straightforward. Unlike dosing, which can be a bit uncertain, a cycle of RAD 140 SARM should be short.

The reason is because of the way it can lower testosterone levels. Even though you are going to be using a PCT supplement between cycles, you should keep the cycle using RAD 140 short to minimize the damage. Plus, cycles can be short because RAD 140 can build large lean muscle gains rapidly.

So, an ideal RAD 140 cycle for me is six weeks on it, and six weeks off it, using a PCT supplement in between cycles.

RAD-140 Vs LGD-4033

Testolone RAD-140 Vs LGD-4033

 RAD 140 is really good for muscle gain, but it also has a small stripping effect, plus, it can do this without water retention problems.

LGD 4033 is an extreme muscle bulking SARM. It’s more effective than RAD 140 for building raw muscle, but it’s more aggressive in doing so. You will suffer from low testosterone levels, and you’ll get water retention.

So I would always choose RAD 140 over LGD4033 because you’ll see the results more quickly, even if they aren’t as extreme, and it’s less aggressive, which means it’s less stressful on the body.

RAD 140 Review: Where To Buy&Conclusion

One of the most difficult things about getting into SARMs is actually buying them in the first place.

Any RAD 140 review worth its salt has to tell you good places to buy it from. It took me over two years to find places that sold real SARMs.

I knew the RAD 140 I bought was real, because I saw the gains, and I felt the testosterone levels slipping, and it did this without water retention. So I spotted the signs and knew I had the real deal.

The places I found that actually sell RAD 140 that gets results are:

  1. Umbrella Labs

These guys have become my first choice for buying all types of SARMs, and RAD 140 was one of the first I experimented with after buying it from them, alongside Ostarine. The stack together, using a six-week RAD 140/Ostarine cycle built muscle and cut fat brilliantly.

They offer free domestic shipping within the USA, and the quality of their SARMs is absolutely fantastic. In terms of RAD 140, you’ll get 30 mL, at a density of 20 mg/mL, for just $69.99.

  1. Proven Peptides

My second recommendation in this RAD 140 review, is Proven Peptides. I’ve done a few orders with these guys, and they’ve been delivered rapidly each time, with free shipping on orders over $75.

In terms of perfecting your RAD 140 cycle, for $59.99 you will get 30 mL at a density of 10 mg/mL. So not as cost-effective as Umbrella Labs, but still brilliant quality, especially if you are a beginner who wants to keep that 10 mg dosing simple.