S23 is a very strong SARM that is growing in popularity in the bodybuilding community. A SARM is a selective androgen receptor modulator that functions in the body like testosterone by binding to androgen receptors in the body. It targets specific muscle and bone tissue to provide users with the specific results they desire, as compared to steroids that affect all parts of the body.

Some have used the analogy of a sniper rifle compared to a shotgun when comparing SARMs with steroids. SARMs are the sniper rifle that works on the exact tissues it needs to whereas steroids affect all tissues including tissues you don’t want it to affect like the prostate or liver.

Many use S23 to reap the benefits of this great SARM. It is known for increasing lean muscle mass and also decreasing fat. S23 can prevent muscle wasting, increase lean muscle mass, and increase bone health.

S23 is also gaining popularity for its potential as male birth control. Researchers found that in rats it led to a 100% infertility rate. It also only led to this drastically reduced sperm count while the rats were taking the drug, but not after they stopped taking it. This is important because it does not negatively affect reproduction permanently, but only when the rat was taking it, much like female birth control.

In human males, it also drastically reduces the sperm count but as clinical trials have not been completed on humans it is not 100% certain that this will work as a complete contraceptive, so other birth control methods should still be used in conjunction with it.

Throughout the rest of this S23 SARM review, we will discuss it’s benefits, S23 SARM results, S23 before and after pictures, potential S23 SARM cycles&dosages, and where to find S23 SARM for sale.


There are many benefits you will see to taking an S23 SARM cycle. We have detailed a few here, but this is not a comprehensive list of all of S23’s many benefits.

S23 has positive benefits on bone strength and the quality of muscle you produce during your S23 SARM cycle. It works on the cells that help build your bones, stimulating them to enhance your bone mineralization. This makes your bones stronger which will help you prevent future bone injuries.

In addition, S23 is beneficial at helping you produce lean muscle and even retain muscle tissue when you are operating in a calorie deficit. This means you won’t experience muscle wasting during a cutting cycle, and the additional muscle will also give your bones some added strength. This is beneficial at maintaining your gains while also helping you lose fat effectively.

Another great benefit of taking an S23 SARM cycle is that it can lower your cholesterol. It helps lower the bad, LDL cholesterol, in the blood as well as triglycerides that are often elevated during steroid use. This is a great benefit if you are deciding to use it as a substitute to your usual steroid cycle, or if you are just using it as an extra cycle following a steroid cycle.

A final benefit is in its female users. For women who suffer from decreased sex hormones following menopause that can reduce their sexual desire and arousal, S23 could be a safer alternative to taking testosterone. Testosterone is normally prescribed, but it could increase heart disease and breast cancer risk in women, which is why a safer alternative would be an amazing benefit of S23.

Recommended S23 Dosage

Since S23 is a very potent SARM, it is important to know just how much to take to achieve the results you are trying to achieve. Also, as there have not been clinical trials, dosage recommendations come from other bodybuilders within the community who have used it many times and have figured out what the best dose is.

The recommended dosage ranges from 10 to 30 mg per day. It is not recommended to take more than 30 mg per day as this may result in diminishing effects on your gains. In addition, determining your proper dosage depends on what your goals are.

Many experienced bodybuilders also recommend starting with lower doses in your first cycle with S23 and then building up to stronger doses in subsequent cycles. This is to monitor how your body will react to it and let your body adjust to the strength of the drug.

S23 dosage

S23 SARM Cycle

An S23 cycle is usually an 8-week cycle. An S23 cycle can be used in either a bulking or cutting cycle, especially when it is combined with other SARMs that will maximize your gains.

For a bulking cycle, many bodybuilders recommend using an 8-week cycle with a dosage of 10 mg to 30 mg depending on if you have done a cycle with it before or not.

In addition, it is important that you split whatever dose you find is best for you in half and take half in the morning and a half at night. This will ensure that it stays present in your blood due to its 12-hour half-life. During a bulking cycle, many bodybuilders will stack S23 with other SARMs like Ibutamoren, RAD 140, or LGD 4033 to maximize your potential gains.

For a cutting cycle, many bodybuilders recommend using an 8-week S23 SARM cycle also with a dosage of 10 mg to 30 mg depending on your desired strength. Like we previously mentioned, it is important to split this dosage into two halves and take the first dose in the morning and the second at night to ensure that you keep the levels constant in your blood.

During a cutting cycle, you can stack S23 with other SARMs like Cardarine, Ostarine, or Andarine for better cutting protocols.

S23 Results

Everyone wants to know what the S23 SARM results are going to be before they decide to add it to their SARM cycling routine. S23 offers its users amazing results that can not be attained without using it as a part of your routine. However, it is also important to keep a strict diet and exercise regimen when you are taking an S23 SARM cycle in order to make sure you get to see all of the great S23 SARM results that are possible.

One S23 SARM result that you can expect to see when you are on an S23 SARM cycle is increased strength and stamina. This is a favorable result because it allows you to work out harder and longer. This boost in physical endurance helps you to reach your gains faster because you can physically exercise for longer than if you weren’t taking it.

Another S23 SARM result you can expect to see when you on an S23 SARM cycle is pure fat loss without muscle wasting. This is a great result because the natural fat loss in a calorie deficit also normally leads to some muscle wasting.

When a bodybuilder is in a cutting cycle, he doesn’t want to lose the muscle mass gains that he has worked hard for, so a SARM like S23 helps him keep those gains in both fast-twitch and slow-twitch muscles which means you maintain your power and endurance while you are losing pure fat.

S23 can also result in increased bone strength. This is important because when you doing heavy workouts, you are putting added stress on your bones. S23 works on bone-building cells to increase your bone mineralization and result in fortified bones, which can help you prevent future injury, which is always a plus.

Finally, there is one negative result of an S23 SARM cycle. This is that it dramatically suppresses your natural testosterone production. This means that you will have to follow an S23 SARM cycle with post cycle therapy to raise your testosterone production up to normal levels.

This lowered testosterone also results in lowered sperm production which is a positive if you are using S23 as a male contraceptive, but a negative if that is not your intended result.

S23 results

S23 Before And After Pictures

Many S23 before and after pictures that are found online greatly exaggerated S23 SARM results. In addition, since many bodybuilders use S23 in conjunction with other SARMs it is hard to find pictures with true results. It is also important to remember when you are looking at S23 before and after pictures that S23 is not a magic pill and you still have to maintain a good diet and workout routine in order to see its real transformative effects.

Where to Get S23 SARM For Sale

Anytime you use a SARM as part of your cycle, it is important to find trusted SARMs companies that you can trust. This is why we recommend both Umbrella Labs as well as Swiss Chems as reputable online retailers where you can find S23 SARM for sale.

Umbrella Labs Pure Research

Umbrella labs is an online SARM and Peptide retailer. They are an American company located in Tucson, Arizona. Umbrella labs produce quality products that they also test for quality assurance. This keeps them accountable and ensures that they provide their customers with only the best products possible. They also display these results under the product image on the website so you can see just how pure the exact product is that you are buying. Umbrella Labs offers its S23 SARM for sale in a 30 ml bottle for $69.99. This bottle has a concentration of 20 mg per ml.

Swiss Chems

The second online retailer we recommend is Swiss Chems. They are another highly reputable online retailer with a wide variety of SARMs and Peptides for you to choose from. All of their products are quality tested to ensure that they are offering their customers only the purest products available. Swiss Chems is a unique online retailer because they offer a 30% discount for customers who pay using crypto cash. This is great if you already have crypto-cash on hand, but can be an extra step if you don’t previously own crypto cash. They have the S23 SARM for sale for $65.95 or BTC 52.76$. This is for a bottle of either 100 counts 5 mg tabs, or 60 counts 10 mg tabs.