SARMs can be a brilliant alternative to the risks of using anabolic steroids to bulk up and cut fat. They are cheaper, safer, and easier to obtain. But only if you can find pure SARMs for sale from reputable vendors.

In this guide, we’re going to explain what defines a high-quality SARM, and how to spot SARMs vendors that only offer the best SARMs for sale.

We will also talk you through some pointers on how to spot the best SARMs company easily, and also places you should completely avoid considering buying SARMs, or any other types of supplement, from.

And you’ll also learn the three best SARMs sources I’ve ever found. It’s taken me nearly 6 years to work my way through nearly all the well-known ones, to settle on a list of three who I genuinely trust, and who provide a quality of SARMs whose results have been fantastic for me.

How To Define High-Quality SARMs

The problem with finding what makes a high-quality SARM is that there are no quality standards to go by. Because they are not controlled substances, because they haven’t been through proper testing and brought to market, because they are only marketed as research chemicals not for human consumption, buying them is going to be a gamble.

The only way to determine if they work is to try them. Which basically means that your body is the guinea pig for your purchase, and there is no guarantee that what you are buying is actually what you’ve ordered, or that it’s pure. So that’s why you need to switch on your Spiderman senses to be able to spot poor quality SARMs from clues that are given.

That’s what I learned to do, over several years of experimenting with trying to find the highest quality SARMs I could, from a reputable source.

What I did was to buy the same SARMs from a couple of companies. I tried them over a few cycles and spotted which one’s are the best. That then narrowed down my next buying decision to a smaller group of companies, and that way I really got my personal list down to what is basically now a top three.

But that’s not easy, keeping a diary, looking at your physical and emotional state daily, and keeping your exercise and diet as constant as possible. So what I’ve done is get rid of some of the hard work for you, and at the end of this guide, I will tell you what my top three trusted SARMs companies are.

The Risks Of Buying From Poor SARMs Vendors

It may surprise you to read the full list of risks you could be facing if you pick one of the poor quality SARMs vendors out there to buy from. These risks range from the minor, through to pretty serious as I’m hoping you’ll now appreciate:

  1. If the quality of the SARMs is not the highest, then you will not get the most out of it. They could even be completely waste your time, effort and money if they have been poorly stored, or manufactured.
  2. If they have been poorly made, or aren’t exactly what you think they are, then you could be damaging your body and mind in ways you don’t realize.
  3. Some unscrupulous sellers will cut SARMs with other substances to bulk them up. This makes profits higher, just as in the narcotics trade. I dread to think what is being put into cut SARMs, and that’s an incredibly good reason to stay clear of people who seem unscrupulous, or who are selling them at a price so low it seems odd.
  4. I have heard many stories online about companies, or individuals on marketplace sites, offering SARMs for sale that turn out to not be what they were advertised as. So you think you are stacking 2 types of SARMs, only to find you’re stacking something completely different.
  5. The dose won’t be accurate. If it’s poor quality, cut, or they just don’t know what they’re selling, then they could be making claims which are completely untrue about the density and purity of the SARMs you are buying.

Avoid These Places To Buy SARMs

Now look, it might actually be obvious to you, but I would recommend you do not buy SARMs from marketplace sites like eBay or Amazon.

The reason for this is that as we’ve already outlined, you’re far more likely to come across SARMs that have been cut, mislabeled, or that are simply very poor quality.

On top of that, there’s something called the dropshipping to worry about. This is where they don’t even own the stock, they take your order, put your address details into another website who then fulfills the order on their behalf. So these people who are basically middlemen, don’t have a damn clue what they are selling to you.

That’s why I also wouldn’t recommend buying SARMs, or indeed any type of supplement, from Alibaba, or direct from any Chinese supplier. They are notorious for using poor quality ingredients, and not caring about safety. I’m not saying it’s all bad, it’s not an attack on that nation’s manufacturing, but it’s a fact that standards are lower. It’s more of a risk, and I simply wouldn’t take that risk.

Finally, I would definitely not recommend you buy SARMs locally. You’re unlikely to find the best SARMs source from a guy down the local gym. Where is he getting it from? Is he cutting it?

It’s the same from buying SARMs through a local store. You don’t know where they are getting it from, you don’t know how much they care, and the chances are they just bought it cheaply online and are selling it on at a higher price.

How To Benchmark The Best SARMs Company

So look, before I tell you my top 3 best SARMs sources, I want to talk to you about how I learned to benchmark companies I was considering buying from. It came down to analyzing them, and looking for clues about the quality as follows:

  1. Look online at user reviews. Do a bit of Google research and see what people are saying about the company. Avoid the reviews on their own website or anything they can control. Look for honest reviews on third-party websites and forums, that come across as genuine. They will tell you a lot about the quality of the products and the service.
  2. The best SARMs companies will be proud to display their purity reports from third-party labs right there on the website. Usually, this will be on the product page, and those lab reports will be visible. Watch out for old lab reports, they should be dated within a few months, to show that it’s the current batch that’s been tested.
  3. Look at the quality of the website. It doesn’t necessarily mean it just looks good, but that it’s got depth to it. That it’s full of good information, tells you everything you need to know, is in simple language, and has support options. So you know what happens when you buy, and what happens when something goes wrong. They should also take payment properly, not just through some dodgy third-party payment processor, or cryptocurrency only.
  4. Look for depth of knowledge on the website. Look at the blog, and see how much knowledge it shows. If it feels a bit cookie-cutter, it could be written by someone else, and it could just be all bolted on to make the website look like it’s run by experts. Also, look at the language of the website, and any customer support you receive. If it doesn’t seem natural language, or it doesn’t have any depth of knowledge, it could be they just outsource it to somebody who doesn’t care.
  5. A great way to test a new SARMs seller is to do a small test order. See what actually arrives, see how quickly it arrives, and then test it before you place a proper order. I did this with several companies in the beginning, and that’s how I narrowed things down three of the best SARMs sources I’m going to outline you right now.

best place to buy SARMs online

Where To Buy SARMs Online – My Top 3 Sources

I’m not saying these are the absolute best SARMs companies out there, but they have delivered the highest quality SARMs quickly, and at a good price. They’ve done this for me time, and time again.

So I’m hoping that these recommendations will at least give you a starting point for your own experiments. If you’re still skeptical, do a little test order, and see how you go. There’s something for everyone in the three recommendations I’m going to make, in terms of the format of SARMs you can buy, pricing, and the concentrations you are getting for your money.

  1. Umbrella Labs- Sarms For Sale.Com

These guys provide one of the best sets of SARMs I’ve come across. They are definitely some of the best SARMs on the market, and I can’t really recommend them highly enough as one of the better SARMs companies.

Okay, the negative first. Their website is not the best. But that seems to be down to organic development, because if you had the money from scratch, then you would definitely do a better job than this.

But everything is there, and what’s there is great quality. Frequently asked questions, an in-depth blog, articles, and detailed information on all the product pages. I think it’s just organically developed over time, and yes, I think they could do with a makeover.

But, everything is there, even though it is not well linked to it. Everything about a delivery, all the information you will need. What’s disappointing is that they do offer free domestic USA shipping, but that’s buried away on the information page, rather than being shouted about on the front page. But sure, they do offer free shipping, which is great.

They sell SARMs in liquid form only. This is easy to take, easy to dose, and convenient. Plus, the concentrations are good for the money as well. Usually around 20 mg/mL. They sell all the main types of SARMs, including the well-known ones like Ostarine, through to ones that people don’t rave about as much, like S-23.

To give you an example of pricing and quality, I’ll talk to you right now about Testolone (RAD-140). It’s the best I’ve used, and I’ve used it from three other vendors as well. For $69.99 you get a 30 ml dropper bottle, that’s got a concentration of 20 mg/mL.

So that’s a great concentration, and a great price for what is going to be at least 30 days supply, and in some cases 60 days supply.

On each product page, they have on display the latest lab-quality test results. In the example I’ve just given, Testolone, the latest batch report is only a month old, and stated as 98.6% pure by an independent lab you can Google yourself. Very reassuring stuff, and what you need to see to determine reputable SARMs vendors.

So you’re getting free domestic delivery within the USA, and they also ship worldwide. Just check the list of countries they ship to before you order, although I’m guessing you will not be able to select destinations they don’t ship to.

They take credit cards, PayPal, and Bitcoin. I’ve ordered several times, and it’s been fine every time. It’s a proper payment processor, secure, and not some dodgy third-party checkout system.

In my experience Umbrella Labs usually, deliver within the USA in as little as three days. I’ve never had a problem with delivery, and the results I’ve had from them have been spectacular.

  1. Swiss Chems

I discovered this company as one of the best SARMs sources not so long back, so I haven’t done as many orders from these guys as my other two recommendations. However, what I have ordered has arrived quickly, and been superb quality.

Forget the name, Swiss Chems are based in the USA. Their website is high-quality, and information on it is very good as well. You also get lab reports published on every product page, they are recent ones as well, all showing 100% purity from a verifiable independent lab. It’s one of the best SARMs on the market.

Interestingly, they even tell you about the negative side-effects you’ll potentially get from some of the SARMs they sell. Although they can be minor, it’s interesting that they are being so upfront about things, which is really refreshing.

In terms of pricing, let’s look at Testolone again as an example. But the difference here is that Swiss Chems only sell powder capsules of SARMs, not liquid. So it’s not a straightforward comparison.

However, in terms of pricing, you’ll get 60 capsules for $110. Each capsule contains 10 mg of Testolone. So at an average dose, you’re going to need one capsule per day. So you’re getting 60 day supply for $110 really.

Now look, capsules are going to be more expensive than loose powder or liquid. They are the ultimate in convenience, and you don’t have to dose them at all, you just take the required number of capsules without the worry. For beginners, and if I was starting out with finding the best SARMs source, I’d certainly consider experimenting with capsules as well as liquid.

Swiss Chems don’t offer free shipping, but you do get the exact shipping rates domestically on the product pages. My orders arrive in less than a week, usually around three days to be honest. They take all major credit cards, and they take several types of cryptocurrency, which is all done through a third party processor.

  1. Proven Peptides

My third choice for buying high-quality SARMs is the brilliant SARMs vendor, Proven Peptides. Again, they are USA-based, in Orlando, Florida. They’ve been around for a while, and I’ve used them a number of times.

You’re getting a professional quality website, packed full of information, all relevant, and obviously written by people who know what they are talking about. The product pages themselves also talk about the effects of each type of SARM in detail, which is really good.

Again, they provide independent third-party lab results on the product pages, and they are recently updated and showed 100% purity in all the cases I’ve ever seen.

They offer all the main types of SARMs, and as an example for price comparison purposes, let’s talk about Testolone again. For $74.99 you will get a 30 mL dropper bottle. That’s more expensive than the other two recommendations, and the concentration is only 10 mg/mL, so it’s not quite so good. However, the quality is great.

However, in terms of dosing, especially for beginners, 10 mg the ideal starting dose per day, which means you not messing around as much to get the correct dose, you can just dose exactly from the number of drops you need each day with ease.

You get free shipping on orders over $75. They also have a refund policy, which is another reason I believe that prices are slightly more expensive. SARMs deteriorate rapidly, and a lot of companies don’t allow returns, so I think you are paying a bit more for reassurance.

However, for me, it’s never been a problem with any of these three recommended SARMs companies. Whenever I’ve been looking for high-quality SARMs for sale, these guys have always come up well in impartial reviews, and in my own experiences as well.