If you’re a woman, you know how hard it can be to lose those extra ten pounds! That’s why many women look at SARMs for an answer. SARMs help women achieve their dream body in just a few cycles and as we’ll later see, they are completely non-toxic to the body!

Before we show you what SARMs you should take and what the best SARMs for women are, we will first explore why SARMs themselves is the best option for you as a female.

Let’s get going!

Why SARMs Are Better Than Prohormones And Steroids For Females

 SARMs are unique in one regard and that is that they selectively bind to the androgen receptors in our body without interacting with any of our internal organs. This means that SARMs are absolutely safe for consumption and that they don’t cause the side effects usually associated with steroid and prohormone use.

On the other hand, steroids harm the female body and cause a lot of problems in your day-to-day functioning which can be avoided by simply swapping steroids with SARMs. As an added plus, the SARMs we’ll recommend to you won’t require any sort of PCT, so you’re free from that worry as well.

Lastly, prohormones might not be as strong as steroids, but they are still quite harmful to the body and are best avoided. The most common side effects include menstrual issues, hair falling out, skin problems and a lot more trouble!

In conclusion, SARMs are better than steroids and prohormones for women because they don’t harm the female body at all. Women tolerate SARMs very well and have never had problems with their consumption, unlike steroids and prohormones where multiple cases were reported where women had to stop their cycle prematurely.

Stick to SARMs and you will be a winner!

SARMs For Females – The Best SARMs For Women

Women generally don’t want to build a lot of muscle so it’s best for them to not indulge in the more potent SARMs out there like YK11 or Testolone.

The best SARM for females is most definitely Cardarine. It boasts the best effects on the female body and lets her cut fat and lose weight without hassle. It also gives her the required energy to perform extra well in her workout.

Other SARMs that women can use are Ostarine and Andarine. Ostarine is great for cutting fat, especially around the belly area, where many women stumble upon problems trying to get rid of it.

On the other hand, you will use Andarine to build some lean muscle. Andarine isn’t hard on the body and won’t build too much muscle, so it’s perfect for female bodybuilders.

The best thing of all? You can stack these SARMs to get the best out of each and every one of them. We’ll show you how to do so in a later section.

The SARMs we listed are non-suppressive of the natural hormones in your body and therefore don’t require PCT. This means that you will not need to buy any extra supplements with your SARMs and that you’ll be able to enjoy them without hassle.

best SARMs for women

Cardarine For Women – Is It The Best Choice?

Cardarine is special in regards to the effects that it has on the female body. Not only will you experience no side effects when you take this compound, but Cardarine for women is also completely safe and non-toxic.

We have already talked about the increased energy you will feel on Cardarine,  but did you know that women that took the compound worked for HOURS longer than before? They say that it even gave them the stamina to do chores outside of the gym and start projects they always wanted to indulge in.

As you can see, the power of Cardarine is truly a marvel to behold and it is the best choice for women!

Best Dosages For Females

Women don’t need as much of dosage as men because of their smaller frames and weight. This is great as you save money without even having to do anything. That’s what we call girl power! Generally speaking, the best dosages for females are going to be around half of what the men take. This means that if the recommended daily dosage of Ostarine for men is 20mgs, for women, it would be 10mgs.

The same applies to all the other SARMs. Now, of course, if you already have experience in SARMs or are a seasoned female bodybuilder, you can up the dosage to 15mg a day, it won’t hurt you.

Still, you should be careful not to overdo it as too much of any SARM may bring on some side effects.

SARMs dosage for females

The Best Female SARM Cycle

 The best female SARM cycle is usually around four to six weeks. If you’re new to the game, you might want to stick to four weeks for safety reasons and if you’ve got some experience with SARMs, six weeks should be plenty enough to do the job.

If you’re a professional bodybuilder, you can push your cycle up to eight weeks but please stop the cycle immediately if you start feeling side effects on week seven or eight.

Men will usually do between eight to twelve weeks and you may ask yourself, why do they get to have such a privilege? The reason behind that is two words: Mother Nature.

Their bodies are better equipped to deal with foreign substances and they generally have more weight than the average female, making them more resilient to the potential negative effects of SARMs.

You shouldn’t bang your head around this too much, as we already said, your female SARM cycle is going to be just enough to complete your own personal goals!

Results You Can Expect From Taking SARMs

As the title of this article applies, women will generally lose a lot of weight and fat while on a cycle. They will build some muscle too, but it will be a negligible amount unless they do multiple cycles.

Not all is doom and gloom for those women that want to build some muscle, as they will gain lean muscle through the SARMs we recommended for them, it’s just going to take longer than average when compared to men. It’s a little unfair, but that’s how nature designed us to be.

As an example of the results you can expect, let’s say that you’re on 10mgs of Cardarine for four weeks. In the first week, you can expect a massive spike in your energy levels, allowing you to be that much more efficient in the gym.

On week two, you will already notice the fat and weight starting to burn off and you will feel a lot slimmer and much more attractive. Weeks three to four signal the onset of lean muscle. You will enjoy seeing your new and improved body in the mirror and you will want to do another cycle right after finishing this one!

While the enthusiasm is commendable, we recommend that you let your body rest for at least four weeks after a cycle, so that it can get itself back to baseline.

sarms for females result

SARM Stacks For Females

Although we recommend women take just three SARMs out of the lot, there is a lot of variety in stacking them and you’ll never get bored with the combinations we have in store for you.

We’re speaking about Ostarine, Cardarine, and Andarine, the three SARMs that work perfectly with the female body.

The first stack we recommend you try out is between Ostarine and Cardarine. You will lose a ton of fat and you will experience the extra energy boost from Cardarine. It will be an awesome experience, many other women that have tried the combo can attest to that.

The second stack is meant for beginner women that want to change their physique. They can take a triple stack of Ostarine, Andarine, and Cardarine which will help them completely transform their bodies.

They will build lean muscle while putting on weight and fat. One colleague of ours lost 10 pounds and 4% of her total body fat in just one cycle!

As we’ll later see, a vendor that goes by the name of SecretSupps has a great deal in store for us. Stay tuned to find out what it is!

The last stack is going to be between Ostarine and Andarine. This one will be great for building lean muscle, something a lot of women wish to have. Just be sure to understand that you will need a few cycles to really see massive results. We don’t want you to expect too much and then get disappointed.

Cardarine for women

Possible Side Effects of SARMs Use For Females

 You don’t have to worry about any of these side effects if you stick to our recommended dosages and cycles. It is only when you overdo it on any SARM that you get to experience some of these side effects.

Let’s list all of them so that you know what you’re potentially dealing with beforehand.

  • Increased Sexual Desire: This might not be a side effect at all if you have a partner that can keep up with you, but it becomes a problem if you’re single and lonely. This side effect was confirmed by a study done on rats.
  • Skin Conditions: Acne all around the body is a serious problem on higher dosages and we know how dearly women protect their skin. If you ever feel acne cropping up, immediately lower your dosage.
  • Muscle Stress: If you build too much muscle in a short period of time, your body simply won’t be able to handle it and you’ll feel pain in your muscles. It’s not going to be comfortable and it is something you want to avoid at all costs.

As we can see, these side effects are nothing to scoff at, so be smart and stick to our dosages!

Where To Buy The Best SARMs For Women

In order to gain access to the best SARMs for women, we had to do a lot of digging around. It’s hard to find a reliable SARM vendor these days as many of them sell bunk product. With that being the case, we spend months researching vendors in order to come up with a list of the following three vendors that surprised us with their high quality and purity of SARMs.

Not to mention the excellent customer service and the willingness to go beyond what is needed to keep us satisfied as a customer.

Here are the three shops we’re talking about!

  1. Science.Bio

Also known as the former irc.bio, they are a very prominent seller of SARMs, nootropics and other supplements. They have been in the game for years and know what they are doing. All of their SARMs are tested by an independent third-party laboratory stationed in the US. This ensures that the purity of their SARMs always stays high and at a pristine level.

You can get the results of their testing by speaking to their customer support, which we must mention is very friendly. Science.bio has some of the cheapest SARMs around. For example, a bottle of their Cardarine will cost you only $39.99 and you get 600mgs worth of product for that amount of cash.

They also sell SARMs in both liquid and powder form which is very convenient.

They ship worldwide and offer free shipping for any order above $100.00 if you’re ordering from the US. If you’re ordering outside of the US, you will have to buy $300.00 worth of product to get free shipping.

Their shipping times are very fast, you will have to wait between three to five days for your package to arrive.

  1. SARMsForSale

This website is the property of Umbrella Labs, a US seller of SARMs, nootropics, peptides and PCT supplements. The first thing to notice about this company is that they offer free shipping on any order. This means that the price you see displayed on their product page is the final price you pay.

Secondly, they post lab results publicly for each and every of their SARM. For example, their Cardarine has a purity of 99,2% which is excellent by all standards.

They price all of their SARMs at a flat rate of $70.00 which is quite a weird business model but it seems to be working for them.

You can contact them via email for any queries and they will be happy to help you out. We asked a few newbie questions and they patiently answered them without showing any signs of impatience.

Lastly, their shipping times are great. We got our Cardarine in just three days of waiting.

  1. SecretSupps

SecretSupps is a great shop for women as it offers detailed product descriptions on all of their SARMs and they offer professionally curated SARM stacks used by bodybuilders worldwide.

They operate from the US but ship worldwide and they offer free shipping on any order from anywhere.

If you’re just starting out, the best combo we can present you with, that will surely burn your excess fat and build some lean muscle is their cutting stack. It consists of Ostarine, Andarine, and Cardarine and will cost you $258.85. This stack was specially made to ensure that you get the results you always wanted to have.

It might be a bit pricey, but it’s definitely worth it. One female friend of ours lost 4% of her total body fat in just one four week cycle with it. That’s 1% per week! Don’t let this opportunity slip away, as we believe that the results speak for themselves.

This shop also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee so if you’re for some reason unsatisfied with their SARMs, you can always get your cashback safely.

If you have any questions regarding their stacks or SARM, simply shoot the company an email and they’ll answer within 24 hours. They are professionals that have been in the business for years and they know what they’re doing.

Lastly, shipping times are quite rapid, we got our cutting stack delivered in just three days!

Now that we have shown you where to get the best SARMs for women, you can buy yourself a batch without any stress. Everything is handled by people that have been in the industry for years and there is nothing to worry about.

Have fun losing your excess fat and weight on SARMs and remember to stay safe!