YK11 was introduced to the world in 2011 by Japanese researcher Yuichiro Kanno. He did so by publicly producing the many studies he had performed on the supplement along with reporting the benefits he had discovered.

With Kanno’s studies, in-vitro scientific research of injecting the compound on cells C2, C12 under a microscope, made up the entirety of research done for this SARM. As of these YK11 SARM reviews, there have been no animal or human trials.

There is a divide in the YK11 SARM reviews community as to what to call this supplement. Some feel this is emphatically a SARM, while others are more inclined to believe that it is, in fact, more along the lines of a steroid and should be called as such.

The actual structure of YK11 points to it being a SARM. However, it is a very potent SARM that is capable of approximately matching the effects of traditional anabolic steroids without the dangerous side effects.

YK11 offers a similar chemical structure to that of DHT or dihydrotestosterone which is seen by how it binds to androgen receptors. The body produces DHT naturally in order to promote good prostate health, proper puberty development, and hair growth.

Classifying YK11 as a SARM would mean it is the strongest and most potent of any of its kind on the market because it only partially activates androgen receptors, causing catabolic androgen activity to skyrocket. So is it a SARM or is it a steroid? Until more research has been completed, definitive classification is left to personal opinion.

What IS YK11?

The mechanism for the action of YK11 is as a myostatin inhibitor. Myostatin is a protein that prohibits your muscles from getting too big. YK11 blocks the myostatin increasing the production of follistatin in muscle tissue. Follistatin is closely related to muscle development allowing the muscle to increase.

This is one of the reasons that YK11 is boasted as one of the most powerful SARMs for the growth of muscle. YK11 is already gaining a dedicated bodybuilding following despite its short time on the market due to the lack of side effects and the muscle mass increases it makes possible.

Yk11 reviews

Benefits of YK11

YK11 has the potential of being among the most potent of the mass building SARMs. With the stimulation of the androgen receptors and the inhibition of the myostatin, it has the ingredients for huge muscles. As a partial agonist, YK11 should have no effects on the sexual organs or prostate. YK11 SARM has the following benefits:

  • Lean Muscle Mass. You can build lean muscles without the risk of retaining water. This is not true with traditional supplements or generally with myostatin inhibitors. YK11 aids in muscle growth without any adverse effects on the remainder of the human body.
  • YK11 is found to give incredible growth in size as well as strength of muscle along with a positive effect for hardened muscles in the body. It also allows for quicker recovery times combined with maximum endurance levels.
  • Fat loss. Powerful androgens are going to reduce the amount of fat that you carry. This is the result of increased muscle mass along with a slight increase in metabolism.
  • Sex hormones are critical in maintaining strong, healthy bones. YK11 increases the strength of bones by binding to androgen receptors. It also increases activated PKB or protein kinase B in the cells of the body which promotes the growth of bone cells.
  • The way YK11 works, follistatin is drastically increased while myostatin is equally decreased in levels within the body. This effect brings more growth and development in muscle for men as well as women.

Women are turning to SARMs as a safer alternative to the anabolic steroids to help gain strength and develop muscle gains without the possibility of virilization or other harmful side effects.

YK11 Dosages

Most users opt to take YK11 by mouth with few choosing the muscle injections. There are some who insist that without animal/human trials, low dosing for shorter periods is safer as the structure implies a greater likelihood for hepatotoxicity at higher doses over longer periods.

But, SARMs is not going to cause ‘collateral damage’ within the body because it is selective about tissue.

That being said, the most common doses being used according to reports suggest that men should take a dose of 10-15 mg divided into 2 daily doses. New users should start from 5 mg daily and gradually increase the dose to 10-15 mg. The most common duration of the YK11 cycle is 4-8 weeks.

The half-life of YK11 has not been established yet, as there is little research that has been done on this substance. Due to this fact, most users recommend taking YK11 twice a day to keep it working throughout the day.

There are some users who have reported as much as 30 mg with no adverse effects. If you feel the need to go to that extreme, you should do so at a gradual pace.

How about the YK11 dosage for women?

The common anecdotal dosage used for women is 0.5-2 mg per day, also with a 4-8 week cycling.

In the bodybuilding community, they suggest that YK11 works best as a sole SARM when cycled. It should also not be used alongside steroids which are going to bind to androgen receptors. Both are going to compete for binding affinity which will ultimately decrease efficacy for each.

When you choose to take any kind of supplement, you always want to talk with your healthcare provider to let them know that you have started a new regimen in order to have supervision. If you are taking a heavier-dose, you want to try to maintain a high-calorie diet in order that you can sustain the muscle building.

Yk11 dosage

YK11 Results You Can Expect

Stimulating the increase of lean muscle mass along with encouraging fat loss as well as protecting bones from any type of density loss or fracturing; just 5 mg of YK11 over a 4 week span can potentially give you gains of over 5 lbs worth of lean muscle, increase the areas of your chest, your arms, your calves, and you could possibly lose as much as 2% in overall body fat. That is based on the average YK11 results of a multitude of users.

Bodybuilders are so drawn to YK11 results due to the way that the follistatin develops the muscles. By approaching the muscle growth in such a way, you’re able to get by with no side effects and may suffer only a slight testosterone suppression which you can avoid with good post cycle therapy.

Users have reported seeing the first YK11 results within just one week. In such a short time, many users have noticed increased muscle mass. Bodybuilders report that taking YK11 is beneficial during both bulking and cutting cycles.

YK11 SARM Reviews Online-What People Say About It

The reviews are available from users of YK11 report that there were some side effects associated in some instances in the way of hormone suppression which is something that was indicated. PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) is supposed to help with this. There were also indications of cholesterol elevation and lethargy, as well as some aggression.

Most users found results that they were happy with as far as gains with as much as 10 lbs being reported in a cycle which is significant for any bodybuilder. It was determined, though, that there is a half-life making it necessary to take the supplement more than one time during the day. Users indicate the half-life is short making several doses necessary.

Users recommend that it’s important to see your healthcare provider and have a proper diet plan developed in addition to your consistent exercise and workout regimen prior to even beginning the course of YK11 and that you maintain this routine throughout the entire cycle for the best results. And once the cycling has been completed, begin the PCT to restore your body completely.

YK11 Before and After Pictures

While I have not yet used YK11 myself, I have multiple friends at the gym who can confirm how effective YK11 is. Many have experienced a visible difference in just a week. That being said, you have to be skeptical when searching for YK11 before and after pictures on the web. Many of the websites post fake images just to make money selling this supplement.

In order to experience good gains with YK11, it is still very important to train hard at the gym and to consume enough calories, as well as macro- and micro-nutrients. So, if you are looking to have an inspiring transformation with YK11, you have to take your nutrition and workout routine very seriously.

Post Cycle Therapy Is Required After Taking YK11

As is typical with many supplements such as inhibitors and SARMS, a PCT or post-cycle therapy is recommended for those who use YK11. Most healthcare providers and fitness experts are going to agree that you should follow the same schedule for the PCT as you did for the YK11.

So, if you used the YK11 for 4 to 8 weeks for a single stretch, you would then follow that with PCT lasting for that same amount of time. This allows for your body to restore completely. The recommended PCT for YK11 is Nolvadex (Tamoxifen) along with Clomid (Clomifene).

Because of the lack of research, a good thing to consider when using YK11 is to take a liver protector, N-acetyl cysteine, milk thistle, to be safe.

Where To Get YK11 For Sale

We would like to note that YK11 is sold as a ‘research chemical’ which means that you need to buy it from only trusted sources. It is important to keep in mind the reputation of the vendor to be sure that you’re getting a pure dose and the appropriate doses. We came upon two vendors that have proven time and time again to provide only the highest quality SARMs to the market.

Umbrella Labs

Umbrella  Labs is believed by many bodybuilders as the best place to buy SARMs and YK11 for sale online. They are the USA SARMs supplier that offers the highest purity that is of research-grade. Their ultimate goal is to provide a superior product to their consumers along with top-of-the-line customer support to answer any questions or inquiries prior to purchase. Umbrella Labs tests their SARMs in-house for purity with a typical average of 99%. All SARMs are 3rd party tested with results posted publicly on their product pages for transparency.

Proven Peptides

Proven Peptides is a known reputable seller of SARMs and has YK11 for sale online that you can purchase. They are the industry’s leader of the highest quality, SARMs made in America that have been third-party tested for which they make the results public for transparency. They also provide a full guarantee of money back along with top-notch customer support available via email or phone.


YK11 is a relatively new SARM on the market that is being debated as a steroid as it has steroid-like effects but offers the non-steroidal SARM selectivity. Cell-based research has verified its ability to build muscle by way of inhibiting myostatin. Regardless of the promising effects that it is showing, animal/human trials are necessary to designate the safety and effects of the YK11.

Users of the drug have reported significant gains for both bulking and cutting within cycling of 4 to 8 weeks which not many other SARMS can challenge. YK11 does have the slight potential to suppress testosterone, cause hair loss as well as joint pain with only a course of PCT post cycling to restore your body completely.